Dirty, just dirty


Hard no to lose it,

Difficult not to get vexed

People’s ways leave me perplexed,

Dumping their crap in the country side

Dumping it in neighbourhoods, I could cry,

Littering and destroying through vandalism

Anything that is good, it’s such a schism,

What is wrong with these ignorant sops

What will it take to make them stop,

Bringing about ruination to areas of beautification

But I don’t get vexed or get involved in altercations

But it’s hard to hide my frustrations

Dirty fucking nations

But they’re not all like this

But the one I live in is

Dumping their rubbish in forests

Leaving trash on the beach

While other countries mass Pollute, rivers and seas

It’s just so fucking dirty

Plastic is mankind’s disease

Manufactured with ease

But it lasts for eternity

It’s done in the name of greed

Dirty, dirty, it’s just so dirty

No other species are as dirty as we

This dirty, littering, polluting society

Its hard not to lose it,

Tough not to get vexed

People leave me perplexed

Why have they not got the message yet?

Humanity does dirty the best,

It needs to clean up its act

And stop acting like ignorant saps.

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