Head stuck in the muck


Stick you’re heads in the sand climate deniers

You’re blind and backing all the greedy liars

Who make their wealth from exploiting the environment

Stick you’re heads in the sand you’re all such a disappointment

You’re letting down humanity and future generations

Condemning them to global warming and starvation

And with species extinction and global deforestation

You ignorant blind puppets will owe us all an explantion

For your stupidity your inability to recognise the truth

In the face of such overwhelming proof

You should be held accountable and responsible for what may come

And if the future is saved it will be down to everyone

Who took the warnings seriously and decided to act

Using their intelligence to react to the facts

You are so blind to the fact that your head is stuck

So firmly in the denial muck

That left to you and your way of doing things we’d all be fucked.

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