The Battle of Denizen Mount


Vast is the dark

Yet I heard the roar

And I heard the noise

In the denizens

Deep down in the cave

I could hear their snarls

Sense their laciviousness

As they march towards us

We stood armour gleaming

In our goodness we trust

Our weapons were poised

Our appreciation was keen

Banging our amour

And stamping our feet

The fire glinted

In the metal breastplates

And the roar it increased

Then in the distance

Of the corridor

Of the cave we could see

A seething mass of evil

Descending upon us

So we sang loud and passionate

To drown the beasts out

And as we did they charged

And we swept them aside

Down back into the darkness

From whence they come from

As we stood on the narrow bridge

A tenuous rock stip

They were to blind

To realising it

So the first row knelt

And the second row stood

And our spears and swords

Struck out sending them

To their inglorious deaths

And row after row we fell back

Allowing fresh men to fight

And we survived their onslaught

On that glorious night

And they were routed

And they were vanquished

We were victorious

And we saved ourselves

From the darkness.

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