Mind hoarding


Do you hoard thoughts in your mind that you won’t let go

Keep them clutting your brain so your mind becomes slow

Do you leave them spinning around inside your head

So you struggle to really know or control yourself

To the point where your life becomes unbearable

Where you are barely able to function at all

Are you a mind hoarder then here what I say

Today is the start of spring cleaning dsy

Start throwing out stuff that you are hanging onto

The stuff that hurts and makes you think your treading through glue

That stuff has to go and it needs to go soon

Get rid of the trivial and all of the guilt

Use this opportuninty to decide to forgive

Yourself for stuff that really doesn’t matter

Don’t worry about what others think those perceptions are shattered

The moment you disregard them and no longer care

How others judge you, because judgement is not fair

So clean out your mind and stop hoarding stuff in your mind

Because it will do more damage to you over time.

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