No more division


Division and hate

Defines so many states

Corruption and greed

Is everywhere to be seen

Rich avoiding taxes

Just to be richer

The poor steal

And defraud the system

Trying to survive

But the idea of division

Is to fractionalise

Easier to rule people

When people take different sides

Divide by colour

Divide by faith

Divide by class

It’s all a fucking rat race

Leaders should unify

I still equality

To smash divides

Use intelligence to show

Different races

And different faiths

Are absolutely fine

Different genders

And sexual orientations

Should be seen as alright

We need to use love

We need to use tolerance

To break down the divides

This is aimed at left and right

This is a message to all sides

Smash and breakdown the divides

And join as one, come together and unite.

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