Offence is a percieved concept


Can’t speak as you wish to

Watch every word you say

Because the pc police

Have finally got their way

Free speech for all

As long as you voice it their way

Offence can be caused perception

But perception has a unique way

Of being unique and individual

I could get offended by anything anybody says

But I am not built, to be ultra sensitive in that way

I could be offended you’re offended

By what I do and say

Because when you say I’ve offended me

You judged me in your own perceived way

Which not be based on fact

Or have any substance to it

Respect all people you meet

And that should do it

Be caring and considerate

And you’ve no need to worry

And if we all take that on board

The pc brigade won’t have any real sway

In dictating how we speak each day.

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