Small talk


Small talk

Is hard for me

I talk about things

In which I believe

And if you don’t agree

The conversation will freeze

Because I can’t be doing

About chatting about

Money and material things

And I can’t be done

With idle futile things

I prefer to chat about

Spirituality and energy

I prefer to chat about

My environmental beliefs

And it’s fine if you don’t agree

But I will shut it down

The moment you attack me

I will not be doing

With anyone’s toxicity

We can talk about love

We can talk about feelings

But I won’t talk about hate

Or violence and envy

We can talk about positive things

But not about negativity

We can talk freely

But small talk I don’t find easy.

3 responses »

  1. Loved this! The best conversations are the ones where we open our souls to new ideas and thoughts… where we talk about life and existence and everything beyond it…


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