Terminal disease


Fuck all governments and their greed

With there insatiable fucking needs

To exploit at any cost our humanity and our planet

Fuck these governments who make us bleed

Denying us equality and dividing up our race

With their hate filled war machines

And their media driven propaganda lying corporations

Denying us our peace and freedom that is the cause of our frustrations

Leaving us all in a state of indignation

Why the fuck do they seek division

Is it because its easier then to rule

If you think they aren’t in it altogether

Then my friends and fellow victims let me tell you don’t be fooled

For they work for and represent the one percent

Who seek to keep us all opressed

Using the media, politics and religion because they know what works best

They are corrupt and greedy to the core

And they keep so many of us poor

By selling us materialism which keeps the wolf right here at our door

So that’s why I say fuck all governments

Because there is enough to go around

But these dirty down right lying fuckers won’t allow that in their town

They will not share and will not sponsor or promote global unity

Mankind and our planet is suffering

And these megalomaniac governments that exploit us and burn trees

They are going to our terminal disease.

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