No harm, no foul, no one gets hurt


He pulled her hair

Her head tilted back

She gasped, body shuddered

In the dim moonlit night

Within this motel room

Two shining stars

Colliding in the moment

Sending sparks out

Light fireworks exploding

As the sounds of lovemaking

Was increasingly intensified

Two bodies looking to be satisfied

Just a physical connection

With no further intention

Two souls sharing each other

Instead of being lonely

Companionship for just one night

A momentary excuse for fun

And hopefully momentarily delight

Out of mind and out of sight

No harm, no foul nobody, gets hurt

Just a case of touch and go

Beyond a simple flirt

And who’s to know?

Their partners are both at home

In the dark to what goes on

While these two souls travel for their work

Just a case of touch and go

No harm, no foil, no one gets hurt.

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