A thesis on spirituality PT6



I often hear people who develop their spirituality talk about how they live outside of society the best that they can and often it involves divorcing themselves from what is going on in it in favour of spiritual balance. In this chapter I would like to show again how we can gain balance and grow through spiritual practice and social engagement in matters that truly are problems within society and how we can learn many lessons from these engagements which as a result will aide our spiritual understanding and growth. Isolation from life is not necessarily a good practice. Understanding the reality from the illusory however is. 

In society today there appears to be a real disconnect between the richer sections of society and poorer sections, which I believe has anesthetized people to the suffering of others. This often leads to the judgementalising of poorer people and in some cases vilification of those less able to cope. This has shown itself in the form of increased homelessness and increased need for food banks. This is just on a local scale though. On a global scale the disparity is even greater leading to much worse poverty and starvation of thousands of people and that along with global homelessness, due to wars being fought we now see massive displacements of people fleeing their homes and countries to avoid being caught up in it. This I feel has lead to a rise of nationalism and xenophobia that is driving divisions between people of different races, beliefs and cultures. Now it would be easy as a spiritual person to describe all this as toxic and that it is drama that distracts from spiritual practice. I however believe that this is what spiritual practice is about. It is about developing the courage, the compassion as well as the unconditional love to help those people in these situations, to help to heal and to promote peace and harmony Through uniting people of all races, cultures and beliefs. Yes, this is a seemingly impossible task on the face of things but if we all connect and work together to do the right things, to send out the right messages then we can effect change. We just need to ensure our voice of love, peace and compassion is seen more and is louder than that of hatred, war and greed. We can do this yet still remain in mindfulness, we can do this and yet still practice the strolling of the mind, and we can do this while still developing our conscious spirituality and awakening. In fact engaging in these issues within society aides this more. Whether we deem this as reality or part of the illusion, the truth is there are lessons there that we can Learn from and unless we participate in these lessons and demonstrate our spirituality through these lessons then I do not believe we can hope to transcend or transition to a more enlightened state. So the message is not to isolate ourselves but to engage and participate using your awakened being to help heal society. 


Synchronicity is a very important part of being spiritual as it attunes our mind and consciousness to the possibilities of messages and signs external from self. These synchronicities tend to unfold before is an are often passed off or misunderstood as coincidences, Deja vu moments. It will also occur in general life when you see someone who, though a stranger to you, seems familiar and you feel as if you are drawn to them. Most will resist this and tale it no further, yet others may not and find they have a message for them or build connections and relationships from these occurrences.  It is only often our self doubt, lack of self confidence, fear instilled from our domestication that stops us from seeking out these synchronicities and following them through. We often look at deja vu moments as thoughts of having lived this moment before and yet rule out following that line of thought through to past life and whether there is a lesson to be learnt from that precious moment. Because of our cluttered mind we of get moments of clarity and inspiration but that as soon as they appear we loose them before we can reach or grasp these thoughts or occurrences. This is why a still mind is so vital. Still does not mean empty it means clear, this enables us to declutter and hold onto the essential and important thoughts that enter the conscious mind and remain there long enough for us to grasp them and discover there meanings. Domestication and anxiety are techniques instilled within us to stop this from happening. Everywhere we go, everything we see there are synchronicities blossoming in front and all around us, quest learn that these offer opportunities that can help us to develop and grow. They also will help us avoid mistakes, toxic people who maybe bad for us and take the wrong path. Never underestimate the power of synchronicity and the attuned synchronise mind for they can raise your frequency and develop you to higher levels of thought and understanding that will aide our journey to a more spiritual state of enlightenment.  


Enlightenment, what is this exactly? Many see it as a place of being like Shambhala or Nirvana or even Heaven. Yet it is my contention that it’s a state of mind and being the makes all life clear and understandable, that it is a state of mind Free completely of fear, domestication, ego, anger hate, violence and desires. I believe it to be a state of inner peace, clarity, stillness, compassion, understanding and unconditional love for all things. It is through this state That we learn how to develop the ability to create anything and everything through out conscious state. The ability to find Shambhala, Nirvana or Heaven. To travel there and back to these realms along with many others within the infinite possibilities of the mind created multiverses and parallel lives that exist. So in short enlightenment is no a place, it is consciousness, state and being of ones own mind. We are our own creators and when we realise this and start living this way we will realise our full and total potentiality within every aspect of our existence. Enlightenment is about letting go of everything, expecting and striving for nothing other than just living each moment in the present by just accepting all without judgement or desire. 


So what is reincarnation? Well its a view and an opinion held by many that will differ from individual to individual. I can only speak for me and put my view on it. To me reincarnation is about us as beings and spirits of energy. We, I believe, as do many physicists and scientists, exist as particles if energy, light energy and that as such appear solid due to our energy causing a vortex like a tornado. (see Dr Bruce Lipton’s book The Honeymoon Effect.) This then gives the illusion of us being solid matter. The conscious mind is then what colours us in as it were and gives us the appearance and all others that we see. So having established we are energy, the next step is to understand the law of science which is that energy does not die and lasts eternally. This being the case, how can we die? I do no claim to be a scientist, nor do I claim to be any kind of authority or expert on this. Remember this book is one man’s opinion on these subjects gleaned from reading, studying and experiences gained through life. It appears to me that as energy is eternal, that life recycles over and over. Much like a battery we start our journey fully charged and that over a period of time the battery runs down. Sometimes it can even degrade so shortening the life even quicker. When the life goes down to a certain point the solid vortex state and illusory experience are no longer able to be sustained. We as energy therefore go back to the source that creates us to be recharged. When fully recharged we come back. The problem is we appear wiped of all previous life memories and experiences. This however is not the case, as demonstrated through past life regression techniques and through deja vu moments. The truth and reality is everything is stored deep within our sub conscious programming and is there for us to access if only we could develop the ability to unlock and to use the full potential of our mind. It is believed we only ever use very small amounts of our brains or our minds at any given time. Scientists have actually studied monks during meditation and using a range of scientific instruments have recorded brain/mind activity unparalleled. Is this in fact, that through their practices that they manage to use far more of the minds resources. Is this what enables Tibetan Monks to identify previous Lamas when reborn. The truth is our conscious and sub conscious minds are still a mystery to us. We know as little about our own minds then we do about the universe. So how can people possibly rule out reincarnation.  

Further research and studies have also highlighted the growing understanding and recognition of NDE (near death experiences.) where by people have witnessed in some form vestiges of life or experiences beyond this life. These people speak of a bright light, hardly suppressing as we are created from light and that the source of where we emanate from is energy and light personified. (Let it be known that I do not rule this ‘source’ out as being an omniscient being, (God) just not the man made ideal of that notion.) These witnesses have brought about enough thinking into the realms of science that it has now become an area for increasing serious research and is no longer just seen as fairy tales or wishful thinking. Science is looking more closely at out of body experiences as people who have had NDE’s report floating above their bodies. Studies are now underway to establish whether this is possible. (Chris Carter who wrote a book on NDE spoke of Hospitals placing objects up high that would only be seen by someone having an out of body experience and floating above their body. Whether this has had any cases proving it is a real phenomenon is not important, what is important is the seriousness to which science is now taking something once only seen as spiritual mumbo jumbo.  

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