Twilight is not a time for regret


Twilight time and the day it nears an end

What did you do today to make a difference

When the night time rolls in and the stars roll out

You will wish that you had done more, without a doubt

At the end of everything and when we judge ourselves

You won’t be able to kid or decieve yourself

Because nobody knows us more than ourselves

And the opportunities we missed to aide ourselves or our planet

And everything else that lives, crawls, walks and swims uponit

So search you heart and search your soul and make the biggest conscious effort

To make a change and do a whole lot more

So that each time you see twilight comming you can rest and relax

Knowing the you made a difference knowing that you made a change

Knowing you took the opportunities to act

And discovered the contentment yo always lacked

And you now feel good.

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