I ain’t gonna lie


I ain’t gonna lie

Sometimes I think

That I am wasting my time

Persuing blogging

Continuing with writing

But I always feel inspired

To carry on this path

Because instinct says its right

I have love dreaming up stories

Throughout my whole life

It’s what drives me on

When each day is done

After a hard day’s graft at work

When I rest my tired bones

And my muscles hurt

I ain’t gonna lie

Writing and blogging to me is lit

I would live my life vexed

If I could no longer do it.

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  1. It’s funny you wrote this… lately I’ve been questioning if I should stay on here or go in another direction… but then it’s like a frying pan hits my head and reminds me that I couldn’t live without it. This is something I love to do. Hope you remember how valued you are on here, Faux. 🙂

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