Melting ice, rising tides


Ice caps and ice flows melting

Under a climate increasingly sweltering

Gradually the temperatures rise

Along with it so do the tides

Low lying countries now at risk

They will be initially the worst hit

Some leaders try putting up fake weather warnings

And even though climate change d-day is dawning

Many choose still choose to deny it

Some accept despite the lying

Everything the media and their governments say

Even though they just play the greed game

Exploiting earth’s resources and putting money first

Even though our planets hurts

And you get the feeling it’s getting worse

So it’s up to you and me to save our earth.

2 responses »

    • Many things, get friends to help clean water ways, plant Trees, reduce carbon footprint, lobby you government to back renewable energy, the list is endless. Thank you for reading and appreciating my friend.


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