I won’t go down like that


I can’t believe it’s going down like this

It’s something that we must resist

Hateful, greedy fucking narcissists

Exploiting people for everything

Why has this world become so hard in which to exist

What are we going to do about it

Will we let them just get away with it

Or are we going to force a change gor love and peace

Combine to build a better society

Of compassion, empathy and equality

Where everybody gets a fair crack St the whip

And it’s a far better world in which to exist

Where we all will search and persist

To evolve and transcend into better human beings

Where we can sense and live in our own right and freedom

Being who we wish to be, dokng what we believe in

Without the feeling of persecution

This is a better kind of solution

Than trying to find happiness in material possessions

Or within a greed filled hateful society

We need to plant this kind of Genesis seed

If we are to create a just humanity

Living as one in harmony and unity

This is my utopian dream

And nobody can take this away from me

Or try to beat or shoot away my beliefs

Because they cannot Imprison my thoughts

Or my conscious reality

For within my mind I roam free

Which allows to live creatively

And try to find away to live happily.

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