You choose pain


Why live in a past

That can’t be changed

Why choose to carry

About the pain

Of what has gone

And now has passed

When you can forgive

And move on at last

Self inflicted suffering

Blame it on other people’s doing

Maybe at one time

That was true

But the choice to move forward

That is up to you

Dwell in the past

Live in the dark

Move forward to the light

To a present that’s bright

This us the place to be rooted

Clear your mind

Don’t leave it polluted

By the things you can never change

This is your chance

To dispatch the pain

This is your moment

To build bridges

Change from a person

Too angry and rigid

That sees nothing

Except what’s gone before

Will not open the presents door

So stays outside in the cold

Growing bitter

Growing old

It doesn’t take much

To free yourself

From the emasculation

On which you set

About yourself

But one day you’ll regret

The wasted time and wasted life

I implore you to move forward

Into the present and see the light

There is more in forgiveness

Than there is in pain

Suffering is a self adopted bane

So reject that philosophy

And save yourself

For your own wellbeing

And your mental health.

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