Achieving a greater sense of conscious reality


Don’t let your thoughts get sucked down the rabbit hole

Leaving you drained and with a sense you lost control

Train your mind to be still and at peace

Focused on love manifesting compassionately

Use your mind to radiate a love that shines

Don’t be drawn in by subliminal designs

That instill judgement, hate, fear and greed

This is not the good, positive stuff that your mind needs

It requires re-affirmation of your spiritual self

A reminder that a good soul creates good health

Positive thoughts with creativity

Helps us structure and form a future that sponsors and promotes equality

Rather than of envy and jealousy

Eradicate such thoughts and develop future generations that are free

And that understand the importance of questioning everything

Posit ideas of existentialist, where you are your own authority

Rooted in love more concerned for kindness rather than prosperity

Aspiring and inspiring wellbeing rather than depravity

These things can be achieved meditationally

And will Foster wthin a greater sense conscious reality.

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