Big man


I can’t stand men

Who treat women like whores

No more than a guest

And certainly no more

A couple of drinks

Alnd it’s a beating at best

Or maybe even a bit of forced sex

Humiliation is the game

It makes them feel big

If she tries to object

She gets another hit

Act like he’s a real big man

But the truth is if you understand

He has mother issue

That he can’t get over

But do not offer sympathy

For he is not worthy

He lacks self love and discipline

And in his desperation

He takes it out on women

He’s not a bad man

He is a sad man at best

A potential rapist

Or maybe a sex pest

And he fortifies his strength

By pouring alcohol down his neck

He’s not a big man

He just has infrriorities going unchecked

He’s not a real man

He’s a total fucking mess.

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