Tao sits in stillness as Dadaism contemplates


Locate the mind

In the stars and the universe

Recall your smiles

In the candyfloss sugar love

Dives into oceans of light

That is bouncing off lakes

Mirrored by the moon

Wise is the man to whom hears the cracks

Opening up in the chasms

And who can track

The trace of the spirit

That followers of the system lack

Like machines made of metal

They fear and feel only rust

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

The wolf howls at the night

Because it feels it must

Nature rules over nuture

In the way a baby trusts

We are tempted by thing

Like Adam was

Lost in a jungle deep and dark

Dappled is the sun between the leaves

Time is a stealer of wonderous dreams

Inspiration is sought in Profound memes

A generation of melting clocks

Reflects conscious reality

An awakened process in the child’s eye

Is the hardship of living it will find by design

Of the kaliderscopic tantric escape

Enjoying Tao Practising stillness in the wake

Of a war of chaos fought in cosmic augmentation

Of the prismic revelations of enlightenment

In which Dadaism ponders nihilism in solitutude

And discovers live in a frequency of ampitude

That vibrates in tunes along with platitudes.

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