Penetrated in different ways


She felt his eyes as they penetrated her

Knew it was more from him, she wanted to be penetrated by

Maybe it was the alcoholic beverage that affected how she felt

It made relaxed and excited by what she saw in his eyes

And no doubt what he was creating in his mind

Images of him working her body so sublime

Kissing every inch, touching her in ways

That made her body ache, craved for more

As he teased and took her with his strength on the bed

And on the floor and up against the door

While she murmured more, please more

As she felt every aspect of him bore

Deeper inside of her like nobody had ever done before

Fill her with love, his essence and she knew the score

Her husband liked her role playing what he called the little whore

All good fun that she agreed to play

Now was the moment and the day

Their dreams become realised as she her the stranger say

I am taking you home so I can have my way

Putty in his hands she said ok

This was the culmination of the game

And as her husband watched them both walk away

He knew in that heartbeat she would get laid

And the excitement that he felt though kind of strange

He really like the fact she was free to play

Out all her fantasies in a physical love display.

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