There’s hope in change


Deep in the heart of nature

There beats a soul of creation

And it’s having to fight to survive

And the threat to it is blatant

Machines and men who slash and burn

Are a cause for major concern

Hurting the forests destroying our earth

Do they not understand the depth of natures worth

Cutting down trees for cattle grazing

Cutting down forests destroying habitats

It’s all part of a set of corrupt acts

Carried out by a government that doesn’t care about people

Indigenous tribes feeling effects of their actions

Activists killed by violent factions

Part of political mechanations

It’s all set up for the wealth to persue greed

All being set up to help the multi death corporations

Everything is set up and must be dismantled

So as to heal this earth

Exploitation of this planet for all its worth

Study the facts and help in the search

To find a better solution so as we can give birth

To a new age of environmental growth

And hope for the future

Stand up for what’s important today

Stand up for this planet and climate change

Stand up for a different way.

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  1. I was just talking to my parents about how I feel all these animals, like alligators and snakes, are showing up in residential neighborhoods more and more because we keep destroying their homes. They have nowhere to go. So they venture into our neighborhoods which looks so strange to us. I agree, it’s too much destroying and not enough preserving. Really beautiful and thought-provoking poem, my friend.

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