Spray paint hero


In this society where so much is wrong

The spray paint hero writing ‘fuck the government’

Suddenly is an inspiration that is so strong

And as the wind blows empty beer cans down the road

This whole place seems to reflect sorrow

And I fear what will come tomorrow

But out of the darkness, cold and shadows

We rise up in hope and aspiration

We can send them like rats running into the sewers where they belong

All those power, and greedy beings tainted in life by corruption

And as we take to the streets demanding more

In the air I sense a feeling of revolution

And a breaking of this failing institution

With its worn out tired constitution

It’s time to focus our love and our rage

And bring about a peaceful change

And as we march and sing our songs

We say no more war or politicians

No more corruption or dogmatic religion

Putting an end to our self styled ignorant extinction

And we as people have had enough screaming we want more

We don’t want their oblivion

And now the heat with the pressure is rising

A sense we can achieve this uprising

now seems possible and now seems true

In the ebony night under a full moon

We send the rats scurrying and the monsters too

The City of London once the Mecca for money

Is now a place that we now rule

So the spray paint hero deserves the plaudits

for they are responsible for it all

And made it possible to break free

And march in line while standing tall.

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