Truly you are the world to me

You are the ache and yearning that burns

Deep within my root and being

I can’t get enough of you, so believe

You make head spin and I go dizzy.

You are what always turns me on

My desire for you is so strong

Your deep eyes fill my heart with joy

And you have a swagger to match that body, oh boy!

You look so damn fine

So good I want to make you mine

But I can’t own you and I know why

An angel like you is so divine

That you loving just one person would be a crime

And I am one of the few that understand

So if you need to share love, you can.

You have a nature so kind and sweet

You make my heart skip a beat

The sexy way you walk and sultry way you talk

You the perfect love that I’ve always sought

Graceful in life, but wild and passionate in bed

Prim and proper and always at your best

When walking down the street or when you need

But behind close doors that’s a different story

You know what you want

And you know what you need

And you demand it all, take it all, you get so greedy

And that blows minds with a body like yours believe me

And with your spiritual mind

You take it to heaven so divine

Is it any wonder that I want you all the time

Put your trust in me, you’ll always be wanted but free

Put your faith in me and I will always be here for you

But without suffocation, for I will always give you room to breathe.

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  1. And the breath of life beats on the cage of my heart. It’s calling me home. Ahhrrroooo. So howl. It’s a new moon tonight. By the light of the dark, Hekate’s hounds roam the grounds on the prowl, waiting for… the signature call (the fate of the secret scroll rests in the hands of the world)

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