No surrender


I surrender to nobody and nothing at all

And it wears me out but yet I stand tall

By my own beliefs,thoughts and principles

That I created and are mine alone

I stand and fall on being me

I am not controlled or domesticated mentally

Everything I believe you see is unique

And I don’t need anyone and won’t force them to agree with me

That’s the difference in the lives that we lead

And though it can get cold and weary

And though it can be a path long and lonely

I tread it with all my honesty

Because that is me authentically

Be case use br my own existential self is what truly defines me

A believer in being my own authority

I need no God’s or Masters to lead me you see

For I live in my own conscious reality

And that works just fine as I breathe

The finest air of self mastery

Fir I live the life of balance that is rooted in love inside of me.

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