Pritti hypocrisy


Pull the ladder up Jack, I am fine

I got here in the nick of time

To ignorantly shout and verbalise

About how immigration from across British tides

Needs to end, so best give a speech

Of the most rancid of all hypocrisy

To show to all my dark cold side

It’s not just immigrants, me, Little Pritti Patel despises

It’s those poor anying fucking poor and working classes

And although not long back nearly sacked

For what some termed as treason

The rise back though beyond all reason

Exults me back into the limelight

Back into the elite with their might talking shite

I can posit and pontificate that immigrants will not be welcome here

And as I say these words can you hear the ladders as they’re raised

And the sound of a xenophobic ovation and praise

That someone of one time immigrant descent

Should be so forceful in bringing it to an end,

Pritti, Pritti not so pretty

Pritti, Pritti your hypocrisy is truly and visibly so fucking ugly.

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