Policies of destruction and death


Governments and their policies

Rip the world apart and destroy peace

Leaving bodies in the bombed out rubble

Children, Mothers, Fathers dead

No humanity shown to them it left

They don’t count they’re just statistics

They don’t count they’re different from us

Devoid of feeling devoid of love

And if that isn’t quite enough

Those who survived are trafficked and abused

Either way they always lose

Life is desperate, life is bad, life for them is beyond sad

Government and those not touched

Sit back and watch and don’t give a fuck

Victims of the arms trade and politics

Victims of a mankind and a world that is sick

How can anyone see and not feel ashamed by this

And want to put an immediate end to it

But it will take a world wide shift

And it needs to start with me and you

We need to say no more of this

Stand up for the rights of those who deserve to exist

Safe and secure and not at risk

In love and compassion, in kindness and peace.

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