We are a top laugh


You and me we shared and had a top laugh

People may have thought that we were daft

But in the mornings and the evenings

We spent our time as imply daydreaming

And enjoying having top fun

You were my super wonder, friend when all was said and done

Beautiful and filled with joy and laughter

What more could anyone ask for I ask you

To have somebody just like you who could do the things you do

Ake my grey days fade away, while putting a smile upon my face

And I had the same effect upon you too

Oh! How I really love you its true

Because you and me we share and have a top laugh

And some people may say that we are daft

But in the end we just don’t care

Because for each other we are always there

With a strong love that showed we cared

And I cherish all that we have

And I hive thanks to what we’ve found

And if laughter is the only sound

We make, then everything’s ok

And we will have top fun everyday.

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  1. I keep returning to re-read this one; it reminds me of the very best feelings and support here on WP, or any other writers’ community for that matter. Please keep up the good work, your poems are often so lovely and do indeed cheer up grey days, for many of us, I’ll bet. 🌤

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