Wild rebel


Out there with words and thoughts

Rejecting all she’s been taught

A rebel with a chaos cause

Causing trouble where ever she goes

She is the rebel nobody knows

Torn and tattered figure hugging clothes

Wild hair and eyes, quick of wit not slow

A figure so amazing she makes heads turns she knows

Loves that they wonder what’s beneath what she wears

They’d be amazed but should also be scared

She’s unpredictable in thoughts and deeds

But has a spirit that’s born to be wild and free

She can be a sensual, tempting tease

And can break your heart with ease

Nobody knows her as well as me

She’ll have you begging on your knees

For more or less what ever she felt pleased

Her mind and heart at the time

She only trust me, because I’ve known her the longest time

She let’s me in close because I can read her signs

But of her beauty and rebellious ways I am not blind

In quiet contemplation she is sublime.

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