Show me, let me view


What’s underneath

And what’s within

Let me see

Give me a showing

Just a glimpse

Let me espy

What it is that you hide

Let me sample

Let me taste

Take curiosity away

Let me see the truth of you

Show me all of your moves

Just let me in

And let me view

The core and root of you.

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  1. It is ugly and crass, it is vulgar and vain, and deformed and unholy. I am all the shit of the world that heaven threw away. Or did not throw away. I don’t know. I only know that people enjoy the vision they see, and rarely is that a true reflection of me. I am beholden to their expectations that they imagine for me, for golden is my skin and a corona shines about me. But my blood is cold, I am a doll. An empty ark of kaporet.

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