She creates the scene


Seduction in a pretty pill

Is it fantasy or is it real

So many lust thoughts she feels

But alone she brings it to heel

For she knows she has to control her zeal.

Lonely are the nights

Her mind conjures up such sensual delights

It’s like teasing herself and she feels it in her chest

Stimulating sensations are the best

In fantasy her hands move under her vest

Or maybe even between her legs

But in reality it’s a dream so I am vexed

Something to get people to digest

To keep them reading and obssessed

I know this and yet my mind seems set

In wanting the fantasy to be real

To hope and wish that she feels

The lust and the passion in what she writes

One hand plays while the other hands types

An image creating so much delight

Within the thoughts of the deluded mind

Harmless imaginary that’s just fine

There could be worse ways to spend your time

Than lost in this imagination so sublime

And so divine.

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