No lines, creases just curves

No lines, creases just curves

There were no vpl’s

That he could tell

Underneath her shiny leggings

That fitted so well

He could not see anything

But all her perfect curves

He knew though that he really wanted her

He gave all his smooth talk

All his humorous chat

He asked if they could go back to her flat

She smiled and said that I am afraid

That I would blow your mind

Because I have a body so sublime

And as he was hypnotised by her beauty

And luscious sweet lips

He realised she was having nothing of this

He asked before you walk away then tell me this

Underneath those clothes is there a supple naked bliss

She smiled again and kissed him quick

Then whispered in his ear

Underneath these clothes

You would find heaven here

And then she walked away

In an really sensual and sexy way

And he cursed that it just was not his day

And that he’d missed out on all the fun games that she plays.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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