Crazy thoughts


Crazy thoughts

And crazy times

Crazy acts

From crazy minds

Twisted distorted

Lacking love

Embracing madness

A life that’s known

Both joy and sadness

Found salvation

In some pretty pills

Keeps us somehow sane

From getting ill

Gives us space

And time to kill

But crazy is our mind still

As too are our thoughts

In these crazy times

Where all we manifest is madness.

5 responses »

  1. That doesn’t sound good 😥
    Hope you are okay!
    When I feel bad, it helps me to turn away, from all that seems mad…

    Sending hug. Always love your nature poetry, and your kind support. Brings a lot of light; probably to many of us, here on WP.

    Thanks for that. Keep poeting 🙂🙏

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