Dark love

Dark love

I walked under the dark sky

Underneath a pumpkin coloured super moon

I walked the dark crooked path

Up towards the dark crooked castle

I climbed the dark shadowy stone stairs

And entered the darkened doorway

To find you laying there in a dark ebony dress

Your lips so red your complexion so fair

And I kissed you right then and there

Something many wouldn’t dare

And I released you from your spell

If anxiety, sleepfulness and despair

And as I brushed your hair

Off of your face, I saw your smile I swear

I lifted you up into my arms and took you out of there

And placed you in a place of warmth love, light and care

And promised you that I’d always be there

Then in the mirror I stared, and saw there was nothing there

And when I turned back to face you

I saw that my blood you had shared

It stained you lops, trickled out the side a bit

Realise that I had been but by you a vampire queen so lit

No escape now, I would though even if I could

We were now one, this much we both understood

I came to save you,

I am now a slave to you

But I am not blue

At the prospect of an eternity with you

Because I love you.

image courtesy of Pinterest

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