A city so familiar to me

A city so familiar to me

The rain drizzled heavy on the ground

Creating pools of shallow flooding

That reflected street lights off of their mirror like pools

Occasionally interrupted by rhythmic ripples

And steam rose up out of nearby grates

Though this night was blighted by rain

The temperature was still quite high

So humid and sticky was th way of this night

And I could hear distant laughter and sirens and screams

As I watched from my balcony this city scene

I watched as cars passed up and down with headlights dazzling

This city could be anywhere at all

And this scene is replicated over and over

Across many countries at various times

And there’s something quite familiar about city living

Different languages and slightly different looks

But altogether similar when you take the time to see

The neon lights flashing are now a standard theme

I wish I could paint for I’d paint this like a dream

I capture it in photo form as a reminder to me

About city lifestyles, with their lights

And the noises reverberating between the big tall buildings

And the dark narrow alleyways

This is where I stand and fix with may gaze

and it’s beautiful in a strange and weird way

In a subtle unusual manifestation of which I can’t explain.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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