The room was cold, the air was frigid

There was something wrong, I felt this in me

Intuition said you better beware

I felt my skin prickle, yes I felt so scared

Then in my view, I saw an apparition

And I saw it move around the room, it was searching

For something that I knew not what bit it was frightening

And when it saw me it snared its teeth and started gnashing.

I felt frozen, like I could barely breathe

I felt my blood go cold, as it examined me

This apparition it started smelling me,

Then once it was done it started touching me

I then I stifled a shout I heard it in my ear scream

Well I think I have a right to be frghtened

There’s an apparition trying it’s hardest to scsre me

Well I don’t know w what it wants but I am frightened

I can only hope it does not want to hurt me,

Then in a flash it broke my back and left me dying

And as my life ebbed away I heard it laughing

And as I breathed my final breath I saw it vanishing

And as I died a tear leaked from my eye and I now no longer felt any fear

I wasn’t frightened.

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