Always here for you

Always here for you

I never thought I’d see so many sad faces

I never thought I’d see such division and hate between races

Is this the reason everybody hurts and suffers such pain

Is this the reason because religion and politics is such a bane

You can paint me in any colour skin, shade or hue

But you will never taint me to be just like you

This life we live is over way to soon

To waste it on hate and ignorance the way some choose

I am spiritual soul rising up like a balloon

Hanging in the sky like a kaliderscopic moon

Sharing and offering my love to you now

In a show of infinite light radiating warmth spiritual might

Healing wounds that cause real pain that make us cry

Allowing all our hopes and dreams to fly so high

And  this is the reason why ill always be here for all

Everyday and every night.

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