Escaping that which oppresses you


Escape the origins of your creation

Don’t be defined or identified by nation

Why be just another person in the crowd

When you can live loudly uniquely loud and proud

Why fit into societies neat little boxes

Why bide time living by the hands on the clocks

That many are simply slaves too

Do you see and understand the difference between lies and truth

Do you know about yourself or everybody else

Spending so much time studying them

You forget to look and go within, to your own being

And without this your soul cannot be freed

And ends up absorbed in envy and greed

As fed to them by a twisted society

Rise up out of this life and take a deep breath and breathe

The fresh clean air of existentialist belief

Which does the heart good and stops the need to bleed

for a humanity that would not bleed for you

Because it’s far to self absorbed

And to obsessed with living life to the norm

Living in fear if an impending storm

Instilled within them by those elected to rule

As a way of maintaining the status quo

Keeping them in power and in control

So your apathy is the aesthetic of your own oppression

You end up another victim of material possessions

Seeking pleasure in these tactile things

Blind to the magnificence of what t makes us spiritual beings

Filled with love and light

And enjoying the simple pleasures of a good and kind life.

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