Complicated madam

Complicated madam

She felt feelings of lust and desire were squalid

Never let herself experience a lust tectonic

Nothing every really rocked her world

The earth never really moved go her

Prim and proper and conservative was her life to be honest

She never lived as if she could ever really get on it

And let herself go with the flow to taste the sweet pleasures

That you can savour from it

She simply stilled such thoughts of carnal Erotic desire

Quenched all passions that may set her heart and soul on fire

Kept herself cool but some say cold and dire

And she lived happy in the knowledge that she could never miss

Experiences that she did not allow to exist

in her world so prim and proper

So all feelings of sensual love were always lost to her

But in her way she was sated

Though never truly really could you say she was ever elated

She was hard to understand, she was just to complicated.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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