Be who you are


Who are you

And who am I

What’s our identity

What defines our life

Do we live honestly

Or do we live a lie

Deluding ourselves all the time

Trying to be what are not

Trying to be someone else

Unable it seems to stop

Scared to be ourselves

Or are we proud to be

Living in reality

Living life authentically

Living life around material needs

Live around want and greed

or living within our needs, so humbly

What’s your identity

Do you actually know and can tell me

Is it actually based in fiction or reality

Tell me who and what you are

Each of us is a shining star

So just please be yourself

No need to be somebody else

You were born unique

So choose your own identity

And live authentically

And lived in love so kindly

That people see your heart

And the shining star you are

Always be happy and proud

A live your life so large

Just rejoice in who you are.

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