From the depths of hell


I think of the times sitting in this dark room

When all the walls were closing in around me

My head was a mess and in a total spin

My head like my heart was aching and throbbing

Desperation clouded my vision and my mind

Things seem to go wrong all the fucking time

How was I supposed to cope

Two choices occurred was it booze or the rope

I couldn’t see any other way to survive

I drank do much to block out the reality of life

Yet even in this state my demons still haunted me there

And anticipating ending it didn’t leave me scared

Rather I saw it as a welcome release

A break from all this suffering, a chance to rest in peace

But then I thought about my family depending and relying on me

I needed better answers than the ones I chose to see

Then I discovered my spirituas self within this dark lonely cold room

I learnt to meditate and my life started then to bloom

Little by little as I learnt to stop the chatter

Trained my mind to work for me and my mood became less blacker

In the cold, dark, lonely room I taught myself self love

In this cold, dark, lonely room I discovered light

I found a way to heal myself by going deep within

And I gave myself a truly great gift, that of forgiveness

And I started upon a journey of self discovery

A journey that will never end rooted in my consciousness, heart and soul of me

In this cold, dark lonely room I dwell

Enchanted by a spiritual cell

I’ve dragged myself back to salvation from the depths of hell

And anyone can do this, for I am nothing special

So get yourself some wellbeing that is found within and is not superficial

There is no crutch to be found in booze and drugs

It’s just a quick route to self destruction and hell.

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