Stupid me is how I’ve always been labelled


Shut up dunce they say to me

You’re to stupid can’t you see

You lack intelligence by degrees

Not even sure you should be allow to breed

Because you got no academic creed.

Well straight forward and simple that’s just me

Positing myself in a perspicacious way

I don’t need to put on a sagacious display

I shoot from the hip and act judicious

I don’t find the need to be facitious

But sometimes I just can help myself

Think you know me but did you ever really delve

I’ve spent my whole life being put down

Treated as if I was some kind of clown

Didn’t get qualifications or degrees

But my grasp of common sense trumps your intelligence see

Having a good education don’t make you smart

Ok you were always top of the class

Good for you but that don’t mean you surpass

Me in this life and in this present time

So you can treat me mean if you like

I just rise above it because I am not that type

I walk away from your toxicity

And live my life quite happily

In my supposed ignorant bliss perpetually

But in essence what I do is dwell upon my conscious reality

And learn to understand and love the real me

And not fall for who you try and define me as being.

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