Balanced life


I try to live in a balanced way

Even through hardship and a better life I crave

Hoping that somehow what I write will bring about that change

But realistically I’ve learnt to doubt it will happen this way

But I help those in need as often as I can

I walk away from toxic people who seek drama as a demand

I offer kindness to everyone I meet

And if they can’t be kind to me then I am happy if they leave me

I’ve always fought for those who are oppressed

Animal rights and the environment I address

Sometimes people say I get a little obsessed

I think maybe they are right in all fairness

But I am not about to be hurt by this critique

These things are so important to me

Along with my desire for love and peace

Which is the root and core of my spirituality

And what’s what’s more it’s the design of my mentality

That’s stems ffom my understanding of my conscious reality

That accepts if I am always to struggle in this society

So be it I won’t take it negatively

I will find a way to spin positively

And learn to live my life the best way happily.

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