Bathroom ghost

Bathroom ghost

She was the victim

The victim of a psycho

A victim slayed

Within a motel bathroom

By a man obsessed about his mother

The two people never knew each other

Now she’s just a lonely bathroom ghost

Haunting the minds of those that know her story

And Norman Bates is now known as the psycho

But both of them are more than this

They represent a movie hit

The imaginings of Hitchcock’s mind

Both created by design

Janet Leigh the bathroom ghost

Norman Bates the psycho

And as the blood is washed down the plug hole

They haunt our very brains

And creates the fame

That was created in that bathroom scene

Norman Bates and Janet Leigh

Hitchcock’s thriller nightmare scene

Rendering them as bathroom ghosts

That memory is the one

That always will be remembered by most like me.

Picture and prompt courtesy of steffthecat

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