The coldness of this room


It’s cold here in my room

I see the steam come from my breath

I am wrapped up in hat and scarf

But I don’t feel the benebits yet

I am feeling chilled to the bone

Even through my long heavy coat

So why is it I am still so cold

Is it all because Christmas is near

I am all alone now with nobody to share presents with

No one to pull a cracker or share my chestnuts now

The open fire is burnt out like our love somehow

And I can find the Christmas spirit

Despite it being the season of good cheer

I am worried I’ll be all alone this is my greatest fear

I am all alone in my cold room here

Feeling as I am close to tears

The cold chills me to my very soul

And my heart that is now old is frozen

I am so lonely in this cold room

The open fire is burnt out

Just like our love is somehow.

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  1. Faux, if it’s about its author… hug… you kindle a lot of warmth and love, in some of your beautiful poetry… said with gratitude (and I expect many of your readers feel the same, on this point)… and here’s hoping warmth and love will soon make its reverb felt for the poet again, too. 💛

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