Break free, be free from the machines

Break free, be free from the machines

Days drift into one another

Thoughts tangle, twist and swirl

In a vortex of confusion

Nothing is as it once was

Nothing can now sususely end well

Nothing can be lost or gained

Nothing acquired can be held onto

In an impermanent life that’s insane

It all burns within the flames

Yet without knowing for sure

We will yet pass this way and come again

Different maybe in every way

Unless we break the programming

Unless we learn to decode and examine

The truth of our conscious reality

See through the matrix and set ourselves free

To no longer be slaves or robots to the machines

Break the system, breakaway, be free

Find the paradigm shift be free, be free

Escape into your conscious reality

No longer a servent to the machines

No God’s, no masters for you and me

Existentialist dreams of being your own authority

Break, free, no longer slaves to the system that works like machines.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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