Negative views

Negative views

I got told my poetry is shitty

By an anonymous soul

That’s such a pity

Because I do not care for their judgement

And I wont be hurt by their words

For what I write is authentic

And at least it’s being true to me

My words come from my heart

And are unique to me.

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  1. Faux – I was saddened to read that someone was cruel to you. This person obviously does not read or hear the messages of your poetry. It is truly their loss. I am glad to see that you are still writing. I enjoy reading your heartfelt creative work. -Jill


  2. Poetry is is not something that can be measured or is wrong or right or good or bad. It comes from the heart and soul. There is no good or bad in that. Merely the day and the night. Keep writing, love your work!

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