Back then, in the sun


Do you remember growing up we had so much fun

Playing in the park under a golden summer sun

Do you remember all the laughter barely any tears

You and me against the world we knew nothing of fear

Dancing to our favourite songs and singing along

Acting as if we were the famous ones

Riding oon our bikes, climbing trees, messing in streams

They called you a tomboy it meant nothing to me

Now we are all grown up and you’re now such a feminine one

And there are more the tears and a lot less sun

I wish I could transport us back to do those days

Just so I could take you far away

From the reality of being a responsible grown up

It suits neither of us and I don’t remember us in love

But I see you now after many years absence

You’ve changed so much and there’s so much distance

Between the pair of us now we are just like strangers

But I see that glint of mischief still resides in those eyes

And I wish I could take you away from all this

But you think that we both now are way to big

To be going back to child like games

And that’s such a shame because I’d love to go back with you to that golden age

And share laughter, fun and a carefree life

Where all we were concerned about was what it was we played

And it would lighten up your life and make it less grey.

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