Keep getting up, it’s an example of will

How can life beat us if we keep getting up

If it knocks us down and we’re full out of luck

Yet still we refuse to stay down and keep getting up

We can’t be beaten because we’ve strength enough

To keep on going through the toughest times

Still keep it prevalent in our minds

To keep getting back up every time

There will be no precedent that life will find

Where we are not getting up everytime

Getting in life’s face and in life’s grills

Life’s going to find out about our strong will

We will keep getting up right until

We placed in a grave and we are still

But our consciousness will live on and our words will fill

The pages of history spreading love rather than I’ll

And understand this I’ll never be to over the hill

To stop getting up and fighting evil

Like corruption, war and hate that comes from life’s swill

I am a product of the the free minded love and peace mill

That keeps harvesting positivity to fill

The minds of the youngsters who have yet to be drilled

Into the brainwashed puppets that lack the skills

To open their eyes and open their minds and understand the meaning of being existential

So we must keep getting up and exercising our will

To be strong, resilient and powerful still.

Published by fauxcroft

spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

4 thoughts on “Keep getting up, it’s an example of will

  1. When I fell down,
    I had to get up and go,
    By myself, because,
    There is no one nearby to help.
    If I wait for someone to help,
    I may miss all the opportunity,
    Waiting for me, so
    I have to get up and go.


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