The witches dominion

The witches dominion

The night is dark yet electrified by magic
The spellbound castings hold dominion over lives so tragic
They find themselves upon their knees right before my feet
And the bewitchery that I cast upon them leaves them under my control
And the spellbound incantations take hold of their mortal soul
And their dreams will now be only ones I place within their minds
And they will know that the only love they feel will be mine
In the witching hour
Dark magic power
They succumb to me I am half witch half succubus
And into me they will feel the lust
Within a dark pentagram scene
Drawn from the blood
Of their veins
It’s the witching hour again, tonight
So lock yourselves away
Or I’ll control you and you’ll become my slave
To the dark magical arts and the arcane.

Images courtesy of Pinterest

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