Time to take a journey


I am going on a journey

So I am cleaning out my closet

I and my dreams I’ll take of the safe deposit

And live them like I am supposed to do

Leave the haters and naysayers to live the life they choose

And I’ll be fine, walking my own path

Free from all the sociopaths

Free from all of those who seek to control me

I am walking away from all toxicity

I know that light always follows dark

So I’ll leave negativity in the past

And live in the present, live in the now

Flying like a bird, gaining wings along the way somehow

Soaring like an eagle upon golden wings

See watch me now, I am leaving

Watch me now I am walking

Away from everything that’s been holding me back

But I’ll wave you all goodbye

Except for those I love for whom I’ll have tears in my eye.

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