Looking good

She wears tight white jeans

She looks so good in them,

Slim with curves in the right place

She knows it, she flaunts,

It makes her feel good about herself.

She wears tight tops

That shows off her firm ample breasts,

She knows that guys look

So she flaunts a lot more,

Objectification it maybe to us

But to her it makes her feel good,

Is there anything wrong with this?

If that’s the way that she chooses to exist

There are women the stare the same way,

Admiring how she looks each day

Pretty face and such long legs,

She know that she is drop dead gorgeous

And is there anything wrong with this?

If she is happy, to put herself on display

To be attracting attention this way,

In the end she looks so great.

Published by fauxcroft

spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

3 thoughts on “Looking good

  1. Hi Faux, I think the human body is beautiful, especially when it’s healthy/in shape, but so many women only care about being approved of physically and they use their sexual appearance to manipulate others, that’s what I find gross about self-objectification. Also it validates how media programs us to view women as sex objects. When I dressed in more feminine clothes I received better treatment, from store clerks etc, strangers carried heavy packages for me, I didn’t have to ask for help. It’s almost funny how society treats women based on appearance. Inner beauty never fades outer beauty does, women who rely on their sexual appearance have nothing when that’s gone.

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    1. I could not agree more. The woman who act this way lack often the understanding and are not therefore persee to blame for thinking that using their assets this way is their best hope of getting on in life. There are many men who do the same I have to say. They undervalue what other attributes they have to offer I am sure because this is easier. Yes then society exploits their willingness to follow this path. That’s worse because it fully understands what it is doing unlike them. Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, I can’t come to judge people who use their assets this way, I can’t blame them either but I do despair that there is not enough advice out there to offer them a different path. Often as you say self objectification often reflects less as beautiful but more as pitiful and ugly because too much effort is put in and the desperation to be noticed becomes evident. 🙏

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      1. It seems like a narcissistic society in general nowadays, the selfie generation. Everyone has the right to be shallow but it depresses me to be surrounded by superficiality.

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